Eric Shoemaker

Eric Shoemaker has been providing leading technology solutions to organizations large and small for over 15 years. With his focus on efficiency, automation, and practicality, Eric’s methodology has set him apart from other cybersecurity and compliance professionals. His deep understanding of compliance automation was born out of a need to simplify and standardize the evidence generation methodology in a low-budget environment without any specialized tooling. In 2022, Eric founded Genius GRC to focus exclusively on cybersecurity compliance and develop the most efficient, simplified, and innovative compliance management offerings.

Eric currently resides in Woodstock, GA where he enjoys time with his family and friends. He can often be found on the lake fishing from a kayak or in the ocean with a speargun in his hand while poking lobster with his tickle stick (yes, it’s a real thing. Look it up).

What happens after your SOC 2 or ISO 27001 audit?

When you are going through implementation of SOC 2 or ISO 27001 for the first time, the immediate goal is to get the audit report or certificate in hand. That’s the goal, and everyone understands the importance of meeting the objective. For most organizations, it opens up revenue, builds customer

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Getting Started with Vanta’s Private Integrations

“Vanta’s Private Integrations are poised to be a game changer! Finally, all organizations can integrate Vanta’s automated compliance platform with any application in their portfolio regardless of whether it’s hosted in a private cloud, custom developed, or even a SaaS app that is restricted by source IP or doesn’t have

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Vanta Private Integrations – Integrating Active Directory (PowerShell)

“With PowerShell being supported on Windows, Linux, Azure Functions, AWS Lambdas, PowerApps. and elsewhere, it is our favorite scripting runtime. It is very easy to integrate with Vanta Private Integrations.“ Eric Shoemaker – Advisory CISO – Genius GRC Private integrations – An Overview Before you read this post, you should

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Improving the Audit Experience: Producing Effective Evidence

The best way to make an audit a positive experience for all individuals involved is for the auditee organization to make it as easy as possible for the auditor to draw a positive conclusion from the evidence being presented. This is best accomplished by providing high quality evidence for each

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How to Write the Best IT Security Policies

If a policy is wrongheaded feckless and corrupt I take it personally and consider it a moral obligation to sound off and not shut up until it’s fixed. David Hackworth Most people find the topic of IT Security Policies to be about as exciting as a term paper on IT

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