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Genius GRC is your security engineering expert. We help regulated enterprises plan, implement, and monitor cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Our Security Engineering and Technical Assessment Services

Our goal is to help you secure your business while staying out of the WAY of your business. We provide security assessments and hardening guidance, with implementation and deployment available in many situations.

MFA Deployment

Reduce exposure risk and get your team operating properly from the start with Multi-Factor Authentication set-up and monitoring.

EDR/MDR Deployment

Using Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection Response (MDR) tools, we help your team safeguard your networks from malicious activities and potential breaches.

Firewall Deployment & Management

Our firewall solutions are designed to create a robust barrier against external intrusion and threats while providing flexibility and adaptability for your business’ needs.

Identity Monitoring Management & Deployment

We specialize in monitoring and managing workforce identities to prevent unauthorized access – while keeping things simple and deployable – ensuring your and your customers’ sensitive information remains secure.

Active Directory/Azure Active Directory (Entra ID) Management

Enhancing security and operational efficiency, our expertise in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory streamlines user access management.

Cloud Security

We provide end-to-end cloud security solutions to guarantee your data is protected across cloud platforms and services, no matter your industry.

Virtualization Security

Genius GRC’s virtualization assessment and hardening services protect virtual environments from threats while ensuring scalability and adaptability.

Disaster Recovery Architecture & Planning

Are you ready for the worst? Our disaster recovery assessments provide peace of mind and a plan of action for your security team.

Secure Remote Access (VPN)

Make working from home (and working form anywhere) safer and more secure than ever with proper VPN and remote access setup.

Why Work With Genius GRC?

It's Simple:

We have extensive industry experience in finance, legal, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, SaaS, and other critical infrastructure providers.

Enterprises, working with varied stakeholders to ensure security, scalability, and simplicity whenever possible.

We are experts in the industry-leading compliance solution Vanta, with extensive experience dealing with auditors of all shapes and sizes.

We embrace automation and work from measurable KPIs, with regular reporting and unrivaled transparency in outcomes.

Here’s How It Works


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We connect to hear about your business, your needs, your fears, and your hopes. We explain how Genius GRC operates, how we might approach your compliance needs, and a pricing structure that makes sense.

We GEt to Work

If you’re ready to get and feel more secure, we get to work, keeping you updated from Day One to Completion.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sure, our wide-ranging and varied cybersecurity architecture services can be designed to be stood up with our help, but then monitored internally by your security and compliance team. We partner with leading IT solutions providers to get you the hardware and software you need.

Or, if you need ongoing support, we can create custom virtual CISO solutions or simply ongoing maintenance programs.

We work hard to make your security architecture work for you – on your budget and your timetable.

We’re based in Woodstock, Georgia, but our team is comfortable working remotely and on-site when needed. No matter where you are, we’d love to connect.

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