Vanta Compliance Monitoring

Vanta makes compliance and audits less hard – we make it easy.

Vanta Compliance Operations Setup and Monitoring

With over a decade of cybersecurity experience and compliance program implementation, the team at Genius GRC makes your Vanta compliance program management easier than ever.

As Certified Vanta Engineers, we provide turnkey Vanta setup, support, monitoring, and reporting services customized to your business, your needs, and your budget.

If you’re using or considering Vanta, consider outsourcing the rest of the work, too.

What We Do

Initial Vanta deployment (Vanta Quick-Start)

Concierge Vanta Support with dedicated Slack channel

Monitoring of Your Security Program through Vanta

Custom Vanta Reporting

Quarterly Executive Reports

Daily Monitoring & Alerting

Human Follow Up and Support - when compliance evidence updates are needed

Evidence Markup - to help auditors complete audits faster

Ongoing Evidence Review - to ensure audit readiness

Complete Audit Management - we work with the auditors so you don’t have to

Risk Assessment & Reporting

Annual Incident Response Tabletop

Outsourced Vanta Experts For Peace Of Mind

Vanta provides industry leading cybersecurity compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes.

So do we.

As your dedicated compliance team, we work alongside Vanta to help you streamline your cybersecurity program, simplify and prepare for audits, and ultimately let you do what you do best – run your business.

As experienced Vanta consultants, our team can help you from A to Z and anything in between. We help companies of all sizes with initial Vanta setup and implementation, ongoing Vanta monitoring, reporting, audit preparation, and more.

If you’re working with Vanta and simply need a little help with your security compliance operations, or you’re ready to outsource it all, that’s Genius GRC.

The Expertise You Need


ISO 27001



FTC Safeguards

Genius GRC Makes Vanta Simple


We routinely work with clients that have some of the most complex compliance requirements and infrastructure environments: cloud-only, cloud-first, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and on-premise. Our largest customer has over 700 employees across 4 sites in 3 different countries in addition to a vast WFH workforce.

In fact, we were the first and are the most experienced with deploying Vanta’s Private Integrations feature.


We know business and we know security compliance. The last thing you need is another bug in your ear slowing down the real work – servicing your clients. We implement compliance programs using Vanta as the system of record to work seamlessly alongside your existing operations. Focus on your business, not your cybersecurity.


Rather than hire an internal CISO or team, work with a Vanta consultant or virtual CISO to streamline not only your compliance monitoring, but your bottom line, too.

Let us manage your compliance program for the cost of an intern.

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Considering outsourcing your Vanta-driven compliance program? Genius GRC is the clear choice.

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We GEt to Work

If you’re ready, we get to work improving and right-sizing your Vanta compliance setup with regular updates, reporting, and comprehensive management.

Whatever you need – or even if you don’t quite know WHAT you need – Genius GRC has your compliance needs covered.

Frequently Asked Questions


Vanta is our go-to choice in compliance monitoring and cybersecurity audit solutions for a reason: we believe it’s best-in-breed. 15+ years of compliance experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We are confident that Vanta is the premier solution for most cybersecurity compliance programs.

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